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#Important_Thing_for_FB Research_Payment. -
Many members are asking about how to get fb research payment so here is some important points i am sharing.
Read Carefully.

1. To be eligible for payment of Facebook Research u need to remain active. Means connect vpn of app. Whenever u use internet on your phone than open this app. You should be active minimum 28 days to be eligible for payment.

2. Your Paypal Account should be verified for recieving payment. Means u have to confirm phone number, email id, add bank account and debit card. If any 1 of these thing is missing than u will not get your payment. And than you have to wait for 30th date for repayment. (Note - PAN card is not required for payment) Those who dont have a pan card can also get payment easily.

3. To view your pending payment visit
(login here do not signup)
Forget password is not working now. So only those who know the password can see thier pending payment.

4. Everyone will recieve thier pending payment in paypal on 16th date.

5. Those who wants to join  can message me thier mail id.

Last day to join facebook research app..

If you join after 15th then you will receive payment in October.

So join today only.. and get payment in next  month..

For joining message me your PayPal id and name.. I will guide you and help you to install this app..

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